Discovery of TAAR1 Agonist (LK00764) for the Treatment of Psychotic Disorders

A focused in-house library of about 1000 compounds comprising various heterocyclic motifs in combination with structural fragments similar to β-phenethylamine (PEA) or tyramine was screened for the agonistic activity towards trace amine-associated receptor 1 (TAAR1).

The screening yielded two closely related hits displaying EC50 values in the upper submicromolar range. Extensive analog synthesis and testing for TAAR1 agonism in a BRET-based cellular assay identified compound 62 (LK00764) with EC50 = 4.0 nM.

The compound demonstrated notable efficacy in such schizophrenia-related in vivo tests as MK-801-induced hyperactivity and spontaneous activity in rats, locomotor hyperactivity of dopamine transporter knockout (DAT-KO) rats, and stress-induced hyperthermia (i.p. administration).

Further preclinical studies are necessary to evaluate efficacy, safety and tolerability of this potent TAAR1 agonist for the potential development of this compound as a new pharmacotherapy option for schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders.

Accellena's Konstantin Zakharov and Kirill Onokhin are amongst the working group of a co-development project aimed at promising pharmacological development.

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