StereotaX - ONE - Translational Biomedicine

On October 30, the first StereotaX event was held in the exotic AF BREW TAPROOM space, organized by ACCELLENA specialists and the Institute of Translational Biomedicine (ITBM) of SPbSU.
The first event was dedicated to current issues of translational biomedicine. The event was opened by Raul Radikovich Gainetdinov, Head of ITBM SPbSU, and Konstantin Anatolievich Zakharov, Managing Director of ACCELLENA.

During the event, six scientists presented their reports, highlighting the prospects of modern science and the future of medical progress.
Alan Kaluev's report on the effects of psychoactive drugs on fish was extremely exciting and innovative due to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms. His approach to studying the responses of Danio rerio fish to drugs provides new perspectives and opportunities for the development of preclinical drug research (PDR) methodology.
"A little about the neurobiology of fish"
Alan Valeryevich Kaluev
Dr. B.Sc., Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Biological Psychiatry of ITBM SPbSU, Head of the group of the direction "Neurobiology" NTU "Sirius".

Nadezhda Lubenets in her speech emphasized the importance of truthfulness of information, relevance of projects and prospects for their implementation in pharmaceutical development. Her report became a landmark for understanding the factors of successful implementation of projects in the field of pharmaceutical development.
"Project management in pharmaceutical development".
Nadezhda Leonidovna Lubenets
Head of the department of introduction of innovative drugs and medical devices into production of Gamaleya Research Center for Medicinal Products of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Maria Kovaleva's report on preclinical studies of medicines emphasized the focus of researchers' attention on the ethical aspect of drug development, as well as the evidence base of safety of the product under development.
"Pro DKI."
Maria Alexandrovna Kovaleva
Candidate of Biological Sciences, Head of Scientific and Methodological Group, JSC "NPO "HOUSE OF PHARMACY".

Alexey Butylin's report on quality in clinical trials (QI) drew attention to the importance of substantiating each stage of a clinical trial, writing quality documents accepted by regulatory authorities around the world, and training specialists to maximize efficiency.
"On Quality in Clinical Trials"
Alexey Alexandrovich Butylin
MD, Managing Director of Crocus Medical BV (Netherlands)

Natella Enukashvili in her speech emphasized the importance of cellular preparations in the therapy of burn skin lesions and their potential value for the medical community, which opens new horizons in the field of combustiology in our country.
"Dermal equivalents for combustiology: today and tomorrow"
Natella Iosifovna Enukashvili
Ph.D. Head of the Research and Development Department of the Center for Cell Development "Pokrovsky", Head of the Laboratory of non-coding DNA, Institute of Cellular Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Alexander Efremov's talk on the RITA molecule drew attention to the sociology of science and the philosophical approach to the formation of scientific knowledge, which stimulates new discussions and revision of standard approaches in science. This lecture is a vivid example for the thesis already voiced by Nadezhda Lubenets: "One should find the strength to close a project, even if one likes it very much, but it is unpromising"
"RITA: do it good, it'll be good".
Alexander Mikhailovich Efremov
Ph.D. in Biology, member of the Laboratory of Small Molecule Characterization, Department of Innovative Small Molecules Development, BIOCAD

The project of informal scientific events StereotaX has successfully started and in the nearest future we are expecting new bright events devoted to actual scientific processes in the fields of biology, medicine and pharma development.

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